How to Bet On-line and What is Moneybookers

The first step in the betting over the Internet is the payment of money to the betting account. Very often, this can be the biggest problem. Namely, a large number of bookmakers does not accept international credit cards issued by banks in some countries (Serbia, for example). If accept, you have to verify each particular card. The process of verification and payment is often quite slow, which can lead to leakage term for a bet on a game. Also, often the problem is that means you are imprisoned in one betting, and you find a better quota in the second where you do not have the funds. Such problems can be easily solved using MoneyBookers. This is a tool primarily for the U.S. players, after the internet betting in America has become illegal. How the U.S. credit cards are no longer accepted on the online betting, had to find a way to satisfy Americans. Today, however, MoneyBookers is used for betting, but also for money transfers to several tens of millions of dollars.

How to register?

The registration process is very simple. It is enough to have e-mail address and fill out a form that you receive by clicking on the Sign Up Now button on the front page. It is desirable to know English or another language that MoneyBookers has in the offer. After registration, your MoneyBookers use a simple login to the system using your e-mail address and password that you have selected.

Payment to MoneyBookers

To use the account, it is necessary that it have some assets. Funds can be transferred either by credit card, or direct money transfer through bank, and you can use the assistance of friends, ie. the funds in your account may switch your friend who already has an account with them. The simplest option is of course a credit card. The first payment, you will have a little more peripety, because it is not enough to only transfer the funds, but need to verify credit card. But, remember, you do this only now, not for each betting. At the end of the process, when the verification is complete, the remains only to transfer money from card to MoneyBookers account.

Payment to bookies

When you have money on MoneyBookers account and when you carefully choose the betting in which you want to transfer money, you need to choose MoneyBookers  as a method of payment  during registration.  Also,  register the same e-mail address you use to MoneyBookers-because otherwise you can not transfer money. When as a method of payment select MoneyBookers, you will receive information about e-mail address on which you should transfer money. Then, on the MoneyBookers click Send money and fill out the form to send money, in the field "to" copy the e-mail you received. To complete the sending process, you will need to fill out date of birth as entered in the registration, which is control data (because the registration enter your real date of birth). Very soon after payment, the funds will be transferred to the bookie, and you can normally use it.

Withdrawal of money from betting on MoneyBookers

After you rob the bookie with good bets, you need to pull funds from on the MoneyBookers account. This process is automated, with most bookmakers. It is enough to go on withdrawal and re-select MoneyBookers, enter the desired amount of money and after a few minutes it will be on MoneyBookers account, where you can manage with him according to your own will, move it to another bookie or pull in your bank account.

Pulling money from MoneyBookers

After that the whole process is completed, with a little luck, on the account at MoneyBookers, you will have the desired amount of money and need the money now pull in your bank account. First it is necessary to open foreign currency bank accounts (if it is foreign) and download instructions for the payment of money from abroad (again,if it is abroad). On your account at MoneyBookers You have the option of adding a bank account, and enter the data through the options. Thus saved, you need to verify your account. Verification is the payment amount of 15 euros in your bank account you want to withdraw via MoneyBookers account. To verify your account when the payment arrives in your bank, you need to ask the bank officials to give you  verifying number which have received in the payment. It is a code of 6 letters and numbers, eg AF3PU7. Thus obtained the code, enter in the field for verification before payment, and then you can raise almost unlimited amount of money (for raising the limit is constantly increasing, and after the first payment will be about 3000 euros and in another will grow). Money from MoneyBookers account in the bank comes to 3 business days, and the transaction price is 1.80 euro, which takes MoneyBookers, or 0.5% of the sum paid by the commission takes your bank.

Although the process may at first glance looks complicated, in general is not so. In addition to the verification process that is sometimes really boring, everything is extremely easy and fast. The only negative side the whole system is customer support that is really bad.

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