Some thoughts

Preston should win tonight.In fact considering everything that I've read,there's not a single reason not to be.Except...Well,except my instict.And I rate it as,for example,missings of best scorer and goalie.It's obvious home win,but something simply doesn't fit.I haven't posted this earlier,'cause don't want to ruin someone's work (another top post neo!).Follow your own insticts.

My initial thoughts were to back Sheff.Utd..Hornets are awfull and that's it about them.Blades,in my opinion will finish in play-off.Injuries are past,but they have two very important missings for tonight.Key defenders,Kilgallon and Wallker.While Kilgallon's departure is also good thing for the club(again in my opinion),unexpected yesterday's departure of second one is a blow.Second thing,odds on Utd. have been raising fast.I doubt bookies know anything that I don't,but in combination with first reason it's enough to stay beside.

Well,not picks but thoughts.Maybe it could be useful for someone.


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