England to win WC - thoughts and history of failures

I was talking with a friend about the possibility England to win WC. Capello, Rooney, few other players in a great shape are the main public arguments for. Against? Goalie, for sure. This is not a league tournament and if James (he’s the closest for number 1) doesn’t stay focus (as he didn’t before Drogba’s free kick at Wembley) it could be the end. Also, I think the history of England’s failures looks interesting.

My memories (correct me if I’m wrong somewhere) start in Mexico ’86. England were eliminated after “god’s hand” by El Pibe. I think, you must have a real bad luck to exit the tournament after referee allows goal like that on WC. Three refs didn’t notice something that all people in front tv saw. One time in thousand cases, I think.
Italy ’90, Shilton conceded a spectacular fluke after free kick against Germany. Later lost after penalties against them.
USA ’94 did not qualify!
France ’98, “Beckham’s case” and another loss after penalties (Argentina).
Korea and Japan ’02. England were stronger than ever. Again free kick and this time Seaman. Well it wasn’t a fluke, but Ronaldinho’s spectacular goal from 40m average goalie should easily stopped.
Germany ’06, again penalties and again Beckham (launched the ball in the orbit from the spot).
My first thought about ECs is 1996. when England were the host. Then was really expected from them to win. But… Again Germans and again penalties. In extra time they were very close to a golden goal, but missed few sitters. Darren Anderton’s was the worst.

A friend asked me, why they lose tragically every time, what could be the reason. I guess Geoff Hurst’s second goal in ’66 did not cross the line : ), who knows.


Best odd for England to win WC 2010 is 7.50.

Anyway, wish them luck unless they face Serbia in some round.

Bet for today. If Paynter starts for Swindon, take both to score. Otherwise, no bet. So wait the teams confirmation, bbc make it 45 mins before the kick off.


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