WC 2010 - 22.06.

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Many interesting bets for the outcome of World Cup. I chose two, for now.


Name of the finalists:

Brazil - Germany @ 17.00 (bet365)


Group betting:

1st USA, 2nd England @ 4.33

1st Spain, 2nd Switzerland @ 4.00

1st Argentina, 2nd S.Korea @ 1.61

A treble @ 28.00 (bet365)



Greece - Argentina, NO BET


I think we all can agree that "Argentina B" (which means Millito and Aguero alongside Messi,probably Di Maria and Maxi on the flanks) is still much stronger than Greek full and highly motivated squad.
The thing that fears me most is the idea Argies will play more for fun than for the result.Attractive and nice to watch,but not so responsible in defense tasks (especially mentioned five).
Other thing is Otto Rehhagel.German who won EURO with his hard-to-watch defensive football.Counter attacks and set pieces are the only way to score.So,in combination with my first reason I could imagine very complicate scenario here.
I don't say Argentina won't smash them,but simply don't like those odds.Will skip this one.



Mexico - Uruguay, Uruguay to win @ 5.00 (Bet3000)  0-1 WIN

The point of a draw is both sides will pass the group.Ok,what Mexico thinks about it?Maybe they can win,they defeated France and are full of confidence.But,they should accept a draw and face Argentina instead Korea probably?!Nah,doesn't sound like Mexico.Even if they lose,probability to be eliminated is very low as France won't trash anybody today.
Other thing,if one side score (it's hardly to imagine a game without any chance,at least because the fear of UEFA president),they should just allow other to score?He-he Mexico and Uruguay?Hell,no.
We already have seen 2-2 draw once,but this sides?No,I don't think so.
Winner will have a red carpet to a quarter-final(and I hope Serbia he-he),loser gets top favorite.
I'm gonna take Uruguay.



South Africa - France, South Africa +0.25ah @ 2.08 (188bet)  2-1 WIN


This is a kind of speculative bet.
Home side will try to not the end competition without a win (in theory,they have even a chance to be 2nd).That,also should be a slap to FIFA board that gave them to host WC.Blatter has been talking rubbish for years and now his favorites will be last in the group.Funny,at least.
Happenings in the French camp are surely a shame for their nation.I don't feel bad about it,they didn't even deserve to be there.Starting 11 will be interesting.Evra allegedly has refused(!!!) to play.His example probably will follow some other players.
And last thing,referee is Oscar Ruiz (Colombia).



Nigeria - S.Korea, S.Korea -0.25ah @ 2.10 (188bet)  2-2 1/2 LOST

No big philosophy here. Korea is better squad, looks tactically better and organized. Nigeria didn’t show anything special, so far. Except, lack of discipline. Tonight, need a win (for Korea, a point should be fine). Attacking attitude will make them vulnerable to Korea's fast counters, through the wings. Park will score.


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