Van der Sar and statistic update

At the same minute Van der Sar decided to make a joke and Robert Koren made a first attempt on goal for Hull (from 30 yards). Unfortunately both situations ended with goals and something that should have been entertaining Saturday and money collecting turned into a serious disaster. Only light in the dark was Wednesday that played a game just as I expected and made a job done. I don't celebrate too much when win and don't moan when lose, but disturbing thing is entire list of results looks really shocking and it lasts for the couple weeks. However, better days are coming. Thanks for visiting and sorry for a bad run.

Manchester United - WBA  2-2  LOSS
Leicester - Hull  1-1  LOSS
Yeovil - Sheffield Wednesday  0-2 WON


Profit: -18.36 units Yield: -28.25%

Profit: +1.82 units Yield: +0.61%

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