Helsingborg 1-0 Hammarby

Goalkeeper Kristoffer Björklund was near to rescue a point at its Hammarby. But in the end won the Helsingborg allsvenska meeting by Christoffer Andersson, who proposed a corner straight at goal.Helsingborg had major problems with Hammarby in the first half. Then the guests were the better team. Hammarby ran high and the stress of HIF-players to simple mistakes. Christoffer Andersson found in rest of Helsingborg was ball save. 
The same thought probably coach Bo Nilsson. For the second half came the home team as a new team. Maybe after a-calling. René Makondele, Rasmus Jönsson and Henke Larsson came in attack after attack. But time and again stood in the way Kristoffer Björklund. He made two stunning rescue of Makondeles shots and Henke nick. 
But in the end was "Poppen" see the network clatter behind him. This after a very questionable situation. Christoffer Andersson proposed a corner straight at goal. Replays showed that Bjorklund was firmly closed by Markus Holgersson. There should Hammarby goalkeeper received free kick. 
Away team moved up their pieces the last fifteen minutes, but Helsingborgs young backlinje was clean. Much thanks to mittback pair Marcus Nilsson and Joel Ekstrand.