Betting Strategies (Part 2) - Strategy for doubles (two bets)

Betting strategy for doubles (two bets)

-Make a choice of 6 events with a big possibility to happen
-Three combos with 2 events each
-Odd on one combo can not be lower than 3.00
-Stake on every combo must be the same

It is necessary to choose 6 events to bet on. That 6 events should be placed on 3 combos with 2 events.

Suppose the stake per one combo is 10 money units which means the total stake is 3x10=30 money units.

Calculation is very simple.

-If I hit all 6 events, I have all 3 winning combos
Stake:30 money units; Income:90 money units; Profit:60 money units

-If I hit 5 events, I have certainly two winning combos
Stake:30 mon.un; Income:60 mon.un.; Profit:30 mon.un.

-If I hit 4 events, I have certainly one winning combo, but there is a possibility of two combos that won
Stake:30 mon.un.; Income:30 mon.un.; Profit:0 mon.un.

-If I hit 3 events, there is a big possibility to be one winning combo
Stake:30 mon.un; Income:30 mon.un; Profit:0 mon.un.

-If I hit 2 events there is a possibility of one winning combo

The point of this betting strategy is one winning combo will cover a total stake, while every next would be a clear profit.

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