Like I had a nightmare... We lost from Ghana and Germany looks impressive.

At least, I had a winning bet.


I have a first pick for today and will have one or even two more. Post will be updated.


Holland - Denmark, Holland -1 ah @ 2.03 (Pinnacle)  2-0 WON


Holland has a little bit shaky defense with Mathijsen in charge, but their attacking power is huge.1st place in the group is reserved for them,but tragically for Dutch they'll face Brazil in quarter and finish the competition.

Denmark is a kind of mistery for me.They finished 1st in qualification group,left Portugal behind.No Bendtner (some danish media announced today he'll play),but even with him...Kjaer,key defender,has been injured but will be in the team (not fit though).Same with goalie Sorrensen.



Japan - Cameroon, Cameroon to win @ 2.23 (188 bet)  1-0 LOST 

Japan, correct me if I’m wrong, has just one decent player – Honda and some veteran internationals. They were in a sensationally bad shape in friendlies, in qualifications stayed behind Australia. Struggling to score, defense is a joke.

Cameroon, not so better defense, as all Africans lack in discipline and tactic and thankfully to Eto’o not so good dressing room atmosphere. But also, as all Africans they feel like at home in SA, decent team and some tall players that should be a big threat after set-pieces.

No big philosophy, Cameroon to win.



Regarding Serbia.
We looked like a bunch of drug addicts with amateur, stoned coach in charge.It wasn't luck,Ghana deserved their victory.
Doomed now.I see two possible scenarios in rest two games,but none of them will see us in the second round.Half teams still haven't played their first games,we're already packing home. Still feel like I'm gonna puke.


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