Hawkins & Joseph - My worst purchase ever

Still not sure whether they tried to cheat me, or just set the new level in laziness and arrogance.

I made online purchase on their website, got email confirmation, but never received the parcel! Couple of weeks later I tried to get in touch - used contact form on the website, then listed email addresses, Fbook and Instagram profiles. They never answered. Then, I contacted PayPal (I used them for the payment) and reported Hawkins and Joseph. PayPal tried to contact them. No result. Eventually, I got my full refund from PayPal.

One interesting fact. Hawkins & Joseph never responded to PayPal, but they changed the status of my original order from “Completed” to “On hold”. Someone read all those emails, after all. They just didn’t bother to answer.

So, avoid them and tell your friends. Stay safe.


Couple of screenshots (with my personal info removed) - click to enlarge: