A good day in the office

I still have my touch.

City lost again. While I was wondering why Stephen Ireland and Wayne Bridge are not injured and where I got that info, Ireland scored in 37th second! But, at the end 3-1 is real picture of the game. Werder and Udinese played, as I thought an open game. Future transfer-market star, Diego scored twice, many unused goal opportunities on both sides, but again 3-1 and more than enough for my over. Greuther Furth let the points go, making my gamble bet foolishly low. We'll keep the eye on You, lads. At the end, to make my day completely perfect, took care Barca who comfortably beat TAU and realized my gamble since 15 days ago. Final four starts at May the 1st, CSKA is next, who knows, maybe they can conquer the Europe (and realize another gamble,he-he). Conclusion: Everything looks so easy, sometimes.

Perfect thursday is just good starting position for coming weekend. Some games will be played tonight, I'll check Millwall game, we'll watch another derby in Championship: Reading FC - Sheffield United. Maybe I'll post some analyze later. Stay tuned.