WC 2010 - 23.06

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Australia - Serbia, NO BET

I have some ugly feeling,we'll make a circus show tonight (once again).To finish the job and win easily,simply isn't in our nature.I'm afraid they'll be killing our nerves,make a draw and progress as second.1-1 for example, from a goal down.Just hope Antic won't get some stupid idea about resting players with yellow cards (six,all except Subotic are key players),before we even qualify (some of his thoughts lead in that direction).
One of my betting principles is not to bet on my teams.Broke that twice and both times lost.No bet for me,this time.



Slovenia - England, Total cards, over 5ah @ 2.00 (bet365) 4 cards LOST 

Something definitely is wrong with this England team.At the first moment,I thought it's a part of Don Fabio (Italian) tactic,where after sloppy two (or even three) games in the group, team reach the final.But,hard discipline is one thing and cameras in the players' rooms something else.Terry's press conference pointed a bad atmosphere.Capello after last game said that players were fearing of a failure.Against Algeria?!Come on people,be serious.What if they face Germany in the next round (very possible)?They would feel confident?
Slovenia is much stronger selection than Algeria.Their important characteristic is they like to shoot from the distance,where is English confidence against questionable,since the recent goalkeeping problem.
Let me clear,England is a serious favorite here but 1.45 doesn't represent a true risk.And personally won't be too much surprised to see them eliminated.I expect a nervous game and choose a bet on cards.

P.S.:Could anyone explain me,what is exactly Beckham's role on the bench,along Capello and players?



USA - Algeria, USA -0.75ah @ 2.17 (Betsson SB)  1-0  1/2WIN 

Yanks are a decent squad.Maybe little lack in technique,but they're great runners.In previous two games,started to play after went a goal down (two down,against Slovenia).I guess they've learned a lesson.They need a win to progress and avoiding Germans should be a good reason to put some extra effort and score more than one.
I think bookies overreacted here,once again.Algeria played a draw,but they weren't great just England was awful.They'll put a decent fight and won't be afraid (because the draw,of course).If they concede first,they'll go in front as they have some theoretical chance for progress.



Ghana - Germany, Germany -1.5ah @ 2.45 (The Greek)  1-0 LOST 

Germans have made a very good impression on me and can see them even in final.Only problem is they're very young and could crash under the pression at one moment.(I guess with Ballack,they'd look like a bloody nightmare.)And maybe a problem could be a coach Low.As I wrote once,don't like him from the start.He has great defenders,but against Serbia put heavy-weight Badstuber on the position of left-back to watch on our fastest player Krasic.Normally,he overlooked that thin,little detail on the press conference (we scored after Krasic's run and crossing,actually),but didn't miss a chance to moan for a bad luck,(what bad luck,you creep?!Sorry.) at the same time messing Serbs with Bosnians and Croats.

Ghana is decent African team.Bad sides are they lack in technique and discipline (Muntari was dumped from the camp,then rejoined).Good sides.First one is not a problem,they're athletes-physhically superior.But,they're runners.To explain with a different words.Against Germany,our (Serbian) main task was not to get involved in the run across the pitch!They're Germans,nobody can beat them in running.Our players,even with a player more,were trying to keep the pace down.Ghana can't transform their play so much.Rajevac said the most important thing is not to concede!Really?!

Germany maybe will be nervous and that's the only Ghana's advantage.If Germany score,Ghana will go all-in and will be doomed,while Germany wouldn't like to keep a minimal lead.2-0,3-0 correct score.


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