WC 2010 - 07.07.

Germany - Spain, Germany to win on penalties @ 10.00 (Various)  0-1 LOST


I've been thinking a lot about this one and couldn't find any bet in some normal range 1.70-2.50. Germany is maybe is slight favorite, but wouldn't put any money on dnb, or clear win in 90 minutes. They're very young and wouldn't exclude a possibility to crash under the big pressure at one moment.

Spain is a kind of mystery, for me. I have impression they've played much under their full potential. And in all games were playing against extremely defensive formations. Tonight, they'll have more space. On the other hand, some Del Bosque's decisions were really shocking. Keeping Torres in starting eleven, playing with 5 central midfielders, David Silva on the bench... I don't like him, seriously doubt in his coaching abilities and wouldn't be too much surprised if Spain ends the competition even without using their full potential.

Don't have some specific reason for this bet, it's based on instinct. We rarely see some tournament where Germans don't bury someone on the penalties. He he Gamble, of course.


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