CASUAL culture II


The labels were changing again an the new look was smart but casual. Ralph lauren was an earlier favorite with the golf jackets and polo shirts the must have items. For the first time 16 and 17 yr olds were wearing 150quid jumpers and 150 pound timberland boots,they certainly looked the part. The future of the casual scene (ahem!) Stone island was being sold around 88 but it never really kicked off until 1990 just after everything went pear-shaped fashion wise due to mad-chester scene and the stone roses, trips to london reallised stone island was the new kid in town.and handfuls of lads were into it straight away-the buzz soon caught on until it did sweep the nations terraces around 93 and has done ever since to the point of overkill. It got so popular that one bnp meeting which chelsea,millwall and pompey turned up the ncis put two and two together and made 123 by coming to the conclusion stone island represented football hooligan-racist behavior and the badge had a symbolic meaning(!)i could tell you hundreds of stories similar like the time plymouth football intelligence went to the local designer store and questioned the owners in connection with selling stone island(FACT). 

Another label which was taken onboard enmass by the the football casuals was Hackett and its infamous polo shirt, and in particular the design carrying the cross of st george on the reverse. followin Englands qualification to euro2000 the hackett polo shirt was being worn by every second person, (mock up advert below) a point which the media picked up on, they linked English hooligans to the patriotic polo shirt and Hackett was not happy, and threw there rattle out of the pram, they stopped producing the polos in an attempt to distance themselves from the hooligans wearing it.although they have recently reinstated the st george cross to there clothing as there attempted new ranged were somewhat SHIT! 

Other labels which appeared on the 90s casual scene were CP company simular to stone island but without the tag, paul and shark , and henri lloyd which were especially popular with northern football fans, and more recently 80s favorites Burberry (did it ever really go away?) and aquascutum have began appearing on the terraces once more. with the check burberry caps being a particular favorite. As with most 90s labels once they were in they stayed in (for years) and most are still around en masse, it has in many ways spoilt the terrace fashion scene, it has in the whole has stagnated but over the last couple of seasons new clobber like prada (sport) ,mandarina duck and ymc have turned up.but it still sometimes seems si,burberrys ,aquascutum and lacoste 
have sponsership deals at gounds around the country,but its good to see so many young lads interested as much in the gear as the rowing-