Tottenham - Fulham

After three competitive games without a win (Hull 0-0 at home, Liverpool 0-2 away and Leeds 2-2 home), Spurs have made a run for the 4th place much more interesting as they now have M.City (same points) and Liverpool (a point less) on their back. This run has two sides. First, missing of Lennon. Without him, Defoe and Crouch don’t get much crosses and that has a big impact on Spurs’ scoring potential. Modric and Kranjcar are great technician, but their inability to win a tackle against much physically stronger midfielders makes from them a big cost for the team, especially against stronger rivals (Liverpool). However, those two bring a big advantage when Tottenham play vs. weaker rival that is focused on defending (Fulham). Second, Hull’s goalie Myhill made probably a best performance in career. Otherwise, would be a few goals margin. Against top four Spurs have a losing pattern, but good display despite another defeat should be mentioned. Leeds weren’t a disaster except it brought another game in short period. Tonight, ‘Arry will miss mentioned Lennon, Woodgate and Assou-Ekotto, while Pavlyuchenko and Huddlestone are in doubt. Goals that they conceded in Liverpool were the first after six games.


Fulham hold 9th position with decent results so far. Main problem for boss Hodgson is their away form. They have only one win in eleven games on the road (four draws) and scored same number of goals. Even against low division Stanley in Cup had a lots of problems and hardly won (3-1) against 10 men opponent. From this distance they’ll hardly repeat the achievement from previous season (Uefa). Hodgson also has some problems regarding tonight’s game. First, they won’t be more rested than Spurs as he set a strong side to face Accrington. Second, he’ll miss some important players. His side-backs, Pantsil and Konchevsky, are out. Attack will be weaker for Dempsey and Zamora. Zamora somehow already has recovered from broken collarbone, but I don’t think he’ll be fit to appear. And third, beside they don’t like to travel, the Cottagers especially don’t like to travel at White Hart Lane as they won there just once in 62 years.


Spurs will play 6 encounters in 19 days. Sharing the effort is very important, but same as a good start of those run. Defoe said this game could define the whole season and I agree with that. They’re tired, but not more than Fulham are. Will miss Lennon, but Fulham will miss both side-backs. Instead Lennon’s crosses, I expect some creativity from Modric and Kranjcar that will provide some chances for Defoe – Crouch. Also, expected from Palacios to score from a distance. Sixth sense. Home win and very probably with few goals margin.


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