Well,I've been thinking a lot about this one.Main question for me is who has a bigger problem.

In my opinion,he's actually better option than Hilario,but this is not FA Cup and I'm not sure how he'll cope with the pressure.I have no doubt,Mourinho mentioned him in at least one interview just to make him additionally nervous.And his debut in CL (Apoel, 2-2 at home) wasn't so bright. Public say they're cursed.First Terry slipped in Moscow,then were robbed by that bold punk,this time maybe one Turnbull's mistake and 0-1 at the start.And I'm really scary when try to imagine Turnbull with Sneijder,Eto'o or Milito in one picture.

b)Defence line-Inter
It's not the same game.Pulling the shirt is a yellow card,everywhere except in Italy.Kicking in the someone's legs in 16 metres is penalty.Karate kick in the stomach is a red card.Referee is German and I'm not sure how much Maicon,Lucio,Samuel and Zanetti can follow this rules when face Drogba or Anelka for example.With Ballack even more harder.

I have no doubt for which side I'll cheer up,for Chelsea.Their advantage is team quality.They play as a squad,not like a bunch of spoiled stars.On the other side...You can love him or hate him,but he's simply genius.Jose Mourinho will be biggest strength for Inter.1.60 for a home win?Why then you don't bet on -1 ah at 2.05-2.15?What's the possibility for end with one goal margin for Chelsea?

Eventually,I've concluded there's no reason to be nervous about a game like this.Pint of a beer and enjoying in tv coverage.Also,I'm sure this game can not end peacefully.No chance.My bet will be on a red card.




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