New season - some changes

New season is on the corner, Championship and lower English leagues start next weekend, Premiership one week later.


There will be some changes on my blog that should bring more quality.

1) My bets will be more specific, 1-10 staking plan and updated record (full analyzes as always). Detailed statistics will be noticed in the online document. I’ll be able to share it with all interested. (Thanks for the help, Ben.)

2) Make e-mail subscription. You’ll get the picks in the mailbox without any effort, I’ll have a picture about the number of permanent readers. Also, I’ll try to make some benefits for the subscribers (vouchers, free bets and such things), but it’s too early for promises about that.

3) Daily gossip column will be removed. I haven’t seen too much interest in it. Blog traffic is the same with it, or without it. Same applies for detailed game reports. Also, removing these two category will allow you to get only picks (and analyzes) in your mailbox.

4) I’ve been trying to make a deal about sponsorship. Benefit would be more quality contents, bonuses, live odds, maybe some free vouchers… But, all depends from the blog traffic. Even without that, it wouldn’t be a tragedy.

5) I’m not sure have I mentioned this. As a way of advertising at Football Betting (and More) you can send me your posts by mail to publish it here. If you’re new, or simply need a bigger traffic. Some quality level would be required, however.


What you guys think?

I would appreciate any ideas, suggestions, opinions…


Thanks for visiting and wish you a good betting season.