Championship - Champions League

I've spent several hours reading, searching, thinking, making conclusions… At the end couldn’t find a good pick for tonight and I’m really annoyed. With the experiences from my past mistakes, won’t force myself to make a big bet anyway. But, will be 2 smaller.

Nottingham Forest - Sheffield United
This will be a shocking bet, but I am actually going to back United here.
Forest have 2 away defeats in a row. Before that, hardly won at home vs. Wednesday. They’re playing very well, but also have very young squad and recent result crisis can have a bigger impact. 
United are hard working side. Have injury problems in back line, but it seems they used to cope with it. Against Bristol, news was very dangerous Camara in front. Henderson has returned his old shape, as well.
4.5 for away win?! This will be a tight game. One good cross at the start would be enough to make 1.8 for a home win ridiculous. I’m still thinking between X2 and dnb 2. 

Milan – Manchester United
I don’t wan to offense anybody, but I really hate Italian football, with all those time wasting, faking, arguing with referee… My opinion is they simply can not cope with English clubs.
Yes, Milan have Ronaldinho who likes to play like a kid. Pato is great, agree. Seedorf and Becks could make some excellent individual efforts. But, they also have Dida at the goal, slow midfield with Gattuso and Ambrosini and even slower defense line. Also, their years won’t be an advance.
United miss Ronaldo. They avoid to admit, but have a problem with Vidic. Some rumors say, Rio is in the same row. But, they’re second English team (with one point behind Chelsea) and that fact must be respected. Also, Rooney is in a life’s shape. I guess Sir Alex will set defensive formation and try to kill Italians with some counter attack. 
I have little doubt again, dnb or clear away win. Think, it would be dnb 2.

There’s no way I’ll back Derby this season, anytime, against anybody and with any odds. Matter of principle. In fact, I refuse to bet on any game in which Derby are involved. Won’t regret even if they win 3-0 tonight, one bet more or less. Too much nerves have lost.

Will prepare for a pint and tv coverage.
See you tomorrow.

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