New season - some changes

New season is on the corner, Championship and lower English leagues start next weekend, Premiership one week later.


There will be some changes on my blog that should bring more quality.

1) My bets will be more specific, 1-10 staking plan and updated record (full analyzes as always). Detailed statistics will be noticed in the online document. I’ll be able to share it with all interested. (Thanks for the help, Ben.)

2) Make e-mail subscription. You’ll get the picks in the mailbox without any effort, I’ll have a picture about the number of permanent readers. Also, I’ll try to make some benefits for the subscribers (vouchers, free bets and such things), but it’s too early for promises about that.

3) Daily gossip column will be removed. I haven’t seen too much interest in it. Blog traffic is the same with it, or without it. Same applies for detailed game reports. Also, removing these two category will allow you to get only picks (and analyzes) in your mailbox.

4) I’ve been trying to make a deal about sponsorship. Benefit would be more quality contents, bonuses, live odds, maybe some free vouchers… But, all depends from the blog traffic. Even without that, it wouldn’t be a tragedy.

5) I’m not sure have I mentioned this. As a way of advertising at Football Betting (and More) you can send me your posts by mail to publish it here. If you’re new, or simply need a bigger traffic. Some quality level would be required, however.


What you guys think?

I would appreciate any ideas, suggestions, opinions…


Thanks for visiting and wish you a good betting season.


Friendlies 17.07. - 3 picks

Wolves should be a bet of the day.McCarthy said he'll name the best team for the game.Bohemians played a league game last night and in mid-week will have a European qualifications.I have no choice than to think today will be a mix of fringe players and youngsters.And I’ll be greedy,once again. Wolves -1ah @ 1.63.  0-3  WON 

Barnet have signed 11 new players.Beside they’re few levels below,they’ll definitely need some time to gel up.This should be an easy job for the Gunners.I’ll take Arsenal –2ah @ 2.02.  0-4

San Jose is an average USA team and they’re playing league currently.Spurs went there preparing for CL.“Arry” has a big number of players who will try to prove themselves and earn a place in the team.And fact is Spurs’ fringe players are very good,actually.My call is Tottenham @ 1.91.  0-0  LOST

WC 2010 - FINAL

EDIT 15.7.: If someone is still suspicious about my credibility, here are results of Soccervista WC competition. Check the 1st place. he he!?p=43978#post43978

I'm taking a rest from betting. See you soon, lads.


Sorry for being late, was on the road whole night. A gamble for me, tonight. Draw!

Going out for a pint. See you soon.

0-0 WON


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We're approaching the end of WC. Competition has been marked with referees' mistakes that sent some selections home, new irregular ball by Adidas and that terrible noise. Quality is, in my opinion, just average. Some profit from the bets. 

Two more games. I won't touch game from the bronze (Germany at 1.65 simply doesn't worth of it), but will post analyze for the final.


Hope I helped you to earn some cash and would like to use this opportunity to say thanks to all who sent me e-mails with the appreciations. Cheers lads!

We all have the same target, to rob the bookies and this blog will stay free as long as there's an interest for it. 


I'm taking a break and will be back when the seasons start. Maybe only few bets before it.

Good luck,



However, here's the list of my all bets (with links to original posts). 



England - USA, England to win (1.53) and Argentina-Nigeria,over 2.5 ( 1.82). Double @ 2.83 

Serbia - Ghana, Serbia to win @ 2.10 

Germany - Australia, Germany -1ah @ 2.10 

Holland - Denmark, Holland -1ah @ 2.03 

Japan - Cameroon, Cameroon to win @ 2.23  

Portugal - I.Coast, Portugal to win @ 2.30  

Brazil - DPR Korea, Korea +1ah 1st half @ 1.925  

Hond.-Chile, Chi. to win and Spain-Switz.,Spain to win to nil.Double @ 3.16  

Argentina - S.Korea, Argentina -1ah @ 2.03  

Greece - Nigeria, Nigeria to win @ 2.22  

France - Mexico, France to win @ 2.29 

Germany - Serbia, over 2.5 @ 2.10  

England - Algeria, England -2ah @ 2.70  

Holland - Japan, Holland -1ah @ 1.95  

Ghana - Australia, Ghana -0.5ah @ 2.28  

Cameroon - Denmark, Denmark 0.0ah @ 1.92 

Slovakia - Paraguay, Paraguay to win @ 2.15 

Brazil - I.Coast, Brazil -0.75ah @ 2.08 

Portugal - Korea DPR, Portugal -1ah @ 1.72 

Chile - Switzerland, corner handicap Chile -1ah @ 1.85 

Spain - Honduras, Spain -2ah @ 2.02 

Mexico - Uruguay, Uruguay to win @ 5.00 

S.Africa - France, S.Africa +0.25ah @ 2.08  

Nigeria - S.Korea, S.Korea -0.25 @ 2.10 1/2 LOST

Slovenia - England, total cards over 5ah @ 2.00 

USA - Algeria, USA -0.75ah @ 2.17 1/2 WON

Ghana - Germany, Germany -1.5ah @ 2.45  

Chile - Spain, Spain -1ah @ 1.93  

Uruguay - S.Korea, Uruguay -0.75ah @ 2.19  1/2 WON

Germany - England, England -0.25ah @ 2.14  

Argentina - Mexico, Argentina -1ah @ 2.25  

Brazil - Chile, Brazil -1ah @ 2.08  

Spain - Portugal, Spain to win @ 2.10 

Holland - Brazil, Brazil -0.5ah @ 2.05  

Uruguay - Ghana, Uruguay to win @ 2.10 

Argentina - Germany, Germany to qualify @ 2.25 

Paraguay - Spain, Spain -1ah @ 1.80  

Uruguay - Holland, Holland -1ah @ 2.49  

Number of bets: 38

Average odd: 2.24

Number of wins: 16

Number of draws: 5

Number of loses: 15.5



Milijas to score first (Ghana) @ 13.00   

Name of the finalists: Germany-Brazil @ 17.00 

Group betting: 1st USA 2nd England, 1st Spain 2nd Switzerland, 1st Argentina 2nd S.Korea. Treble @ 28.00  

Brazil - Portugal, Brazil to win 1-0 @ 7.00  

Forlan to score first (S.Korea) @ 5.50  

Holland - Slovakia, Slovakia to score first @ 3.75  

Brazil - Chile, red card in the game-YES @ 3.00  

Paraguay - Japan, Barrios MOM @ 7.00  

Argentina - Germany, Germany -1ah @ 6.10 

Germany - Spain, Germany to win on penalties @ 10.00 

Holland - Spain, draw @ 3.20

Number of bets: 11

Average odd: 9.41

Number of wins: 2

Number of draws: 0

Number of loses: 9




England 1st, USA 2nd @ 2.50  LOST

Serbia to win the group @ 4.00  LOST

Serbia to reach semi-final @ 9.00  LOST

Spain 1st, Chile 2nd @ 2.10  WON

Uruguay to qualify @ 2.10  WON

Uruguay and SA to qualify @ 15.00  LOST

Robinho top goalscorer 29.00  LOST

Luis Suarez top goalscorer @ 51.00  LOST

Kaka golden ball @ 15.00  LOST

Best team goalscorer:Milijas (15.00), Suarez (3.50), Rooney (2.37). Treble @ 124.68  LOST


Number of bets:10

Average odd: 25.438

Number of wins: 2

Number of draws: 0

Number of loses: 8


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WC 2010 - 07.07.

Germany - Spain, Germany to win on penalties @ 10.00 (Various)  0-1 LOST


I've been thinking a lot about this one and couldn't find any bet in some normal range 1.70-2.50. Germany is maybe is slight favorite, but wouldn't put any money on dnb, or clear win in 90 minutes. They're very young and wouldn't exclude a possibility to crash under the big pressure at one moment.

Spain is a kind of mystery, for me. I have impression they've played much under their full potential. And in all games were playing against extremely defensive formations. Tonight, they'll have more space. On the other hand, some Del Bosque's decisions were really shocking. Keeping Torres in starting eleven, playing with 5 central midfielders, David Silva on the bench... I don't like him, seriously doubt in his coaching abilities and wouldn't be too much surprised if Spain ends the competition even without using their full potential.

Don't have some specific reason for this bet, it's based on instinct. We rarely see some tournament where Germans don't bury someone on the penalties. He he Gamble, of course.


World Cup 2010 bonuses
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Wednesday's World Cup round-up

Argentina Football Association president Julio Grondona says Diego Maradona's future as the national team boss lies with the coach himself.
Maradona's team were eliminated from the World Cup when they were thumped 4-0 by Germany in the quarter-finals, and the manager has not spoken about his future in the position since he returned to Argentina.
But Grondona said: "Maradona is the only person in the country who can do whatever he wants. He still has a contract with us, so it's up to him."

Viewers of British broadcaster ITV's coverage of Tuesday's World Cup semi-final between Uruguay and the Netherlands might have been wondering why commentator Clive Tyldesley was doing so much talking.
The reason was that regular co-commentator Jim Beglin, due to join Tyldesley in Cape Town, was struck down by an ear infection and ITV were unable to recruit another summariser in time. 

The Netherlands has woken up to an understandable case of Orange fever after the team reached their first World Cup final for 32 years.
The country's leading newspaper De Telegraaf simply lead with "FINAL" on its front page, saying that the Oranje could now "smell gold". The NRC Next daily added: "Finally, icons for our couch potato generation." Reports suggested more than 80,000 people watched the match on big screens in Amsterdam's Museum Square.

WC 2010 - 06.07.

Uruguay - Holland, Holland -1ah @ 2.49 (188bet)  2-3 DRAW


Uruguay will be missing several key players. Defense line will be consisted first time from those four. They've noticed a great success, progress to the final wouldn't be realistic in my opinion.

Holland made a historic win against Brazil. They're just one step far from the end. Robben was maybe a little bit predictable (always going to the left, instead to shoot by right leg), but Wesley Sneijder is in a life form. A serious candidate for a golden ball.

I think it will be easier than most people expect and predict a safe Holland's win.


World Cup 2010 bonuses
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Tuesday's World Cup round-up

Thousands of supporters thronged Ghana's main airport to welcome home the national team following their agonising World Cup quarter-final defeat by Uruguay .
Kotoka international airport was packed with fans - many drumming and dancing - who started gathering six hours before the team's expected arrival.
National flags were waved at the players as they stepped out of the plane amid a deafening sound of vuvuzelas. Fans carried placards reading 'We love you our heroes, you made Ghana and Africa proud'.
"You've really held high the flag of Ghana and the entire African continent," Nii Nortey Duah, deputy minister of sports, told the players at the airport.
Captain Stephen Appiah said to the crowd: "We did our best but luck was not on our side but we'll go to Brazil in 2014 to be major title contenders."

Diego Maradona and his Argentina World Cup squad declined an invitation by the country's president Cristina Kirchner to be received at the presidential palace because they deemed themselves unworthy.
Kirchner also said that she had tried to speak to Maradona following Saturday's 4-0 quarter-final defeat by Germany but the 49-year-old had been too upset to talk. 
"You know that this president shows her true colours to the people in the difficult moments and not just the good ones," the 57-year-old told a rally in the northern suburb of San Miguel. 
"And I invited our squad to come to the presidential palace. The players refused because they felt they did not deserve such an accolade but I believe they are wrong because they all deserved it and I will wait for them. Yes, long live Argentina. 
"On Saturday, Argentines were very sad. But have patience, Maradona, the squad and the country, even if the sadness, will last. I called him after his press conference on Saturday but he was not able to talk because he was crying. 
"I offer my support because nobody has ever given as much pleasure on the pitch than Diego Armando Maradona gave us." 
Her speech went down well with her audience who answered with joyous cries of: "Ole, ole, ole, ole, Diegoooo, Diegooooooo!". 

Spain coach Vicente del Bosque admits misfiring striker Fernando Torres may not start against Germany. "He continues to be an important player for us and one that the other squad members are used to," he said.
"All strikers go through good and bad runs but he brings his work rate and his personality to the team and he is still our forward.
"You should not necessarily take my words to mean that he is definitely going to be starting (the Germany match) but we have full confidence in him."
A survey in newspaper Bild has shown that 83% of Germans believe their side will win the World Cup.

WC 2010 - 03.07.

Argentina - Germany, Germany to qualify @ 2.25 (888sports) 4-0  WON

.....................................Germany -1 ah @ 6.10 (bet365)  WON


Considering names,Argies should win this easily.Main problem for them is El Pibe and his tactic incompetence.On the other hand,Germany maybe lacks with the big names but looks really great on the pitch.Main difference is Argentina wants to play,Germany to compete.I give some advantage to Germans and to be honest like these odds too much to resist.


Paraguay - Spain, Spain -1ah @ 1.80 (Paddy Power)  1-0 DRAW


Only thing that worries me here is Spain's struggling to score against hard defending sides.Sometimes they look a little bit slow and passing too much...On the other hand,importance of this game calls on seriousness and I think they'll make a strong start of the game and score very early.On the other hand,Paraguay is hard working side but definitely lacks in creativity and can not see them scoring tonight.Maybe better bet is Spain to win to nil,but personally don't like that kind of a bet and choose asian handicap.


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Saturday's World Cup round-up

Spain coach Vicente del Bosque said Brazil's quarter-final defeat by the Netherlands was not a surprise to him.
"I don't think it's a lesson knowing the reality of football," said the Spaniard following the favourites' World Cup exit. "We know that every match can be complicated. We start off on an equal footing and the nature of sport is that anything can happen."

Argentina forward Lionel Messi has admitted he was surprised by England's performances at the World Cup in South Africa.
"I expected England to do well, so I am surprised they had a very poor tournament," he said. "They seemed to freeze. If [Wayne] Rooney, [Steven] Gerrard and [Frank] Lampard are not at their best, the team is bound to suffer. Defensively, England were poor." 

Germany coach Joachim Loew has admitted that he is in awe of Diego Maradona because he feels the Argentine coach won the World Cup on his own, back in 1986.
"He galvanised the whole football world with his skills," said Loew as his side prepare to face Argentina in Saturday's quarter-final match.
"He was simply magic. The culmination of his career was 1986. He virtually decided that World Cup on his own. He left a mark on football like no other player has ever done."

WC 2010 - 02.07.

Holland - Brazil, Brazil -0.5ah @ 2.05 (bet365)  2-1 LOST


Odds on Brazil maybe look too low,but they're fair in my opinion.Holland looked fine so far,but my impression is they haven't had any real test.And now they face the strongest possible.They haven't conceded in 13 of last 16 games,but quality of those opponents is way below.

Only bad side to this Brazil is their players like sometimes to entertain themselves during the game.Fabiano,for example,allowed a counter attack for Chile trying to perform some trick.

No,really can't imagine any possible outcome than Brazil to progress.Odd suggests there's little less than 50% possibility for their win in 90 minutes.I think it's higher and will accept the offer.


Uruguay - Ghana, Uruguay @ 2.10 (Expekt)  1-1 LOST


Nothing much to say about this encounter.At the first moment,I thought a bet on yellows (over) could be a nice idea,but Benquerenca doesn't show too much.I'm not impressed at all with Ghana and am taking Uruguay here.Much bigger talent,higher level of discipline,better tactic set-ups,better coach...More than enough for me.Correct score 1-0.


World Cup 2010 bonuses
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Friday's World Cup round-up

Oliver Bierhoff says Germany will find it harder to beat Argentina in the World Cup quarter-final than they did to overcome England in the last 16.
Before the tournament began, England were rated more likely than Argentina to lift the coveted trophy.
But Germany general manager Bierhoff said: "It is not going to be easy on Saturday because Argentina are a stronger side than England.
"There were some obvious English weaknesses that had all been there in the group stages.
"Argentina are much more powerful and stronger. They have very few weaknesses - although there must be some."

Huh Jung-moo has resigned as coach of South Korea following their 2-1 defeat by Uruguay in the last 16 at the World Cup.
Under Huh Jung-moo the team advanced out of the group stage for the first time on foreign soil but the coach was eager to "recharge". 
"There are many great and capable ... leaders in our football community. I think they should be given a chance to coach the national team," said Huh Jung-moo. 
"What I felt during the World Cup tournament is that the global football powerhouses, especially the South American teams, performed well and were too much for us." 

Former Argentina coaches Marcelo Bielsa and Jose Pekerman head Japan's wish-list to take over from Takeshi Okada, according to the Japanese press.
Okada is set to retire to a life of writing poetry and farming after the Blue Samurai were knocked out of the World Cup in the last 16.
"I want to get away from soccer," Okada told Japanese television following their penalty shootout loss to Paraguay.
"Even if I was offered a new contract. It won't happen so let's not talk about it."

Meanwhile, Japan defender Yuichi Komano is set to get a medal, even though his missed penalty against Paraguay led to the country's World Cup exit in the last 16.
The governor of Komano's native Wakayama prefecture, Yoshinobu Nisaka, told Japanese media he wanted to give Komano a medal for his efforts in South Africa. 
"We would like to present Komano with a medal for giving people such dreams and emotions," said Nisaka. 

New Zealand coach Ricki Herbert was guarded about his future when he arrived home on Friday after steering his team to an unbeaten World Cup campaign.
Although New Zealand failed to progress beyond the first round of the tournament, the team surpassed expectations.
Herbert is reported to have received approaches from clubs in Europe, Asia and the Middle East but would only say there were "a few things" in the air.
He said he was immediately returning to his job as coach of New Zealand's only professional team, the Wellington Phoenix, and expected to have talks about his future career with Football New Zealand.

Thursday's World Cup round-up

Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk called a team meeting after reports in the Dutch media claimed Arsenal striker Robin van Persie said midfielder Wesley Sneijder should have been substituted instead of him in their last 16 win over Slovakia.
"I will never accept anything that could upset the next match," Van Marwijk told Dutch national broadcaster NOS.
"I spoke to Robin and he is supposed to have said something about Wesley.
"I've spoken to Wesley and after that I called the team together... told them what I think and then drew a line under it."

Ghana goalkeeper Richard Kingson is desperate for a chance to prove himself in the Premier League.
Kingson was released by Wigan in May after two years at the DW Stadium, where he made four first-team appearances. 
"I have to prove myself in the Premier League. It is an unfulfilled mission for me," said the 32-year-old. 
"I was waiting for my chance and it did not come. Now I am at the World Cup. I am playing, I am comfortable and I am happy. Everyone can see what I can do. 
"I would still like to stay in England because I know I could play every week in the Premier League." 

The newly-renovated Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was lit up by green and yellow lights to show support for the nation's football team ahead of their quarter-final clash with the Netherlands on Friday.
Legendary Brazil striker Pele has continued his war of words with Argentina coach Diego Maradona. 
Having previously said Maradona only took the Argentina job because he needed the money, Pele has criticised Maradona's lifestyle. 
"Maradona is not a good coach, because he had a bizarre lifestyle which cannot go down well with his team," three-time World Cup winner Pele told German magazine 11Freunde.