Tuesday-putting the line

The time is coming to put the line on previous betting season. The curtain falls on all of the major competitions. CL final is tomorrow and FA Cup final at weekend (will be two analyzes) and that's it. Last year, I tried to follow some summer leagues. The main problem (as You may know) is to find more info about the games. After some time and not so bright results (supported with a headaches caused by all day researchings) I gave up. Now, I'm in the mood to try again. Have on my mind Norway, Finland  and Brazil, at the start.  After some time, depending from my results and Your interest, I'll decide to continue, or to stop. Every comment (opinion, suggestion, help...) would be more than appreciated.

And, once again, thanks to all readers. I have to admit I'm too lazy to write on paper all my posted picks and calculate the profit rate (I know it is positive), but I'm sure some of them were very profitable and brought some income (more than looses) to You. "Football Betting (and More)" exists three months and had 5000 visitors (average per day raises continuously), till today. I see it as a success and I'm grateful for Your trust. 




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