Manchester Utd. - Aston Villa

Wednesday again made me feel bad. Incredible round in Championship, with just single home win (Sheffield U. 2 - 0 Ipswich T.).

No big speeches today. Liverpool took the first place and that's not funny. Two defeats in a row, Vidic, Rooney and Scholes are suspended, Brown and Berbatov won't play, too. Some English tabloids wrote about bad relationship between Ferguson and Rooney. Club is under big pressure and I'm sure they're all pissed off. Today's game has the weight of Champions League final. Win will put the things on right place, other result will make panic and launch Liverpool as a main title favorite.

Aston Villa had a great run of results. Then crushed under the pressure of big expectations (announced by themselves, btw.). Two draws and six defeats from last eight competitive games! Uefa cup is reality, not Champions league. 

Full recover today, or short brake from betting. Pinnacle offers 1.46 for home win, 2.00 for over and I guess handicap is about 2.30. Home win, handicap and over!